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Winter holidays at the Arlberg

Skiing in the arlberg ski area

The Arlberg – the most beautiful way to spend your winter vacation. Both beginners and advanced skiers will enjoy the skiing in the region of Pettneu, St. Anton, St. Christoph, Zürs and Lech.

Apart from the alpine sports like skiing, cross country skiing and snowboarding you can choose from a wide arrange of possibilities to spend your day: swimming, relaxing in a spa, sledding, hiking, snowshoeing, horse sleighing, tennis and squash, bowling, paragliding, workout, ice skating, Bavarian curling, ....

Ski region Arlberg

Skimap Arlberg

A total of 97 of state-of-the-art cable cars and lifts offer the highest standard of safety and comfort. Another pioneering feature is the ARLBERG-CARD, a reusable high-tech ski pass which automatically opens the ski-lift entrances.

350 kilometres of marked ski runs, superbly prepared slopes for all ability levels, and 200 km of off-piste and challenging steep slopes and deep-snow ski runs, snowboard fun parks, carving areas, permanent racing circuits and numerous cosy meeting places ensure variety and enjoyment.

New Flexenbahn!

Panorama Flexenbahn

Closing the loop!
New Arlberg cableway link between Zürs and Stuben / Rauz!

The Flexenbahn cableway will open in the winter of 2016/17 and will make skiing at the Arlberg even more varied and comfortable.

With the help of the new link between Zürs and Stuben/Rauz, skiers can easily reach all resorts at the Arlberg on skis. That will make the Arlberg skiing area the largest contiguous skiing area in Austria!

Skiing on the Arlberg will then be even more fun! The new cableway link on the Vorarlberg side of the Arlberg, between Zürs and Stuben/Rauz, as well as the new cableways to be constructed in 2016 – the Trittkopfbahn I and II and Albonabahn II cableways – involving a total investment of EUR 45 million, are closing the loop.

From Zürs, Trittkopfbahn I leads to the new intermediate station, from where skiers may either continue to the new top station of Trittkopfbahn II or use the new Flexenbahn to carry on to Alpe Rauz in Stuben.

From here, the other new cableway, Albonabahn II, will invite skiers to continue to Stuben. In addition, skiers starting out from Alpe Rauz can conveniently explore the St. Christoph and St. Anton skiing areas.

This means that all resorts of the Arlberg skiing area – St. Anton and St. Christoph, Stuben, Zürs, Lech, Oberlech as well as Schröcken and Warth – will be easily and comfortably accessible on skis.

With the new cableway link, skiers on the Arlberg – Austria’s largest contiguous skiing area – will have easy access to a total of 305 km of downhill slopes and 87 lifts and cableways. This guarantees an incredible dimension of skiing fun!

The Flexenbahn is worth it – comfort, capacity, views

The new Flexenbahn will be operated by Flexenbahn GmbH, which is owned by Stubner Fremdenverkehrs-GmbH and Ski Zürs AG in equal share. The new cableway is a single circulating cable system with 47 cabins for 10 persons each.

This means that, with a travel time of about 6 minutes, the cableway can transport up to 2,400 persons per hour. The Flexenbahn runs high above the Flexenpass road, covering a distance of almost 1.8 kilometres and an altitude difference of over 562 metres.

Each of the comfortably fitted out cabins has large panorama panes, offering an unobstructed view into the Klostertal valley and towards the Arlberg pass / St. Christoph – a breathtaking landscape.